Friday, March 24, 2017

The Benefits of Bhringraj Powder

While traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine has promoted the health benefits of the Bhringraj plant for many hundreds of years, recent scientific studies have confirmed the hair growth potential offered by Bhringraj. Bhringraj is an important Ayurveda herb, widely used in hair fall treatment, liver disorders, skin diseases etc. Many thousands of people consider Bhringraj for hair growth but until this scientific study there had be no recorded proof of its effectiveness. Its botanical name is – Eclipta alba. Its whole plant is used for various medicinal purposes. Amongst various herbs entering the cosmetics department, Bhringaraj comes readily to the mind. It is an excellent hepato tonic. Bhringraj leaves can be taken every morning empty stomach, 2-3 ml, for three to six weeks. This improves tone of liver, spleen and digestion.  

Bhringraj also helps in elimination of worms. The anxiety reduces for those doing intelligent work. Due to improvement in the liver tone, the blemishes on face also lighten and bringing natural color to the face. Bhringaraj is almost an elixir in several other respects. Thus migraine headache, vertigo, the heat getting rejected (burning sensation) through feet soles and palms, feverish feeling but thermometer shows normal temperature, whole body is felt as hot only by patients, etc are some of ailments, where Bhringaraj is the herb of first choice. 

Bhringraj powder may help to cleanse and rejuvenate both the kidneys and the liver and improves blood flow to the heart by regulating blood pressure levels, lowering cholesterol and improving triglyceride levels.

Benefits of Bhringraj
1.     Bhringraj Powder is considered as a rasayana (rejuvenator). It is known for its rejuvenating properties. It may act as a natural conditioner and a cooling agent for hair. From long time Indian people use Bhringraj herbal powder to helps to maintain overall hair health.
2.     Bhringraj Powder may support healthy throat.
3.     It may also helps to purify body from intestinal worms and work as para cleaner.
4.     Bhringraj Powder may be considered useful in Skin health, spleen health and intestinal parasites.
5.     Bhringraj Powder may prove to be beneficial for liver health. As liver is the controller of the metabolism of the body. Therefore, it may improve the metabolism of liver and provide strength to the body by rejuvenating each and every part of the body.
6.     Bhringraj Powder is an herbal powder of a herb which is best known for its hair benefits.
7.     According to ayurveda bhringraj powder may help to purify the blood and supports healthy skin.
8.     It can be taken orally or applied on the skin directly in the form of a paste.
9.     It is believed that use of Bhringraj Powder improves the complextion and provide skin health which leads to appears younger and healthy.
10.                        Bhringraj Powder may help to cleanse and rejuvenate both the kidneys and the liver.
11.                        It supports cholesterol health.
12.                        It may promote lustrous complexion.
13.                        Urinary system may be supported through this herb.

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