Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ayurvedic Shankhpushpi Stress Relief Herbal Powder

Shankhpushpi is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb, aims for its action on the central nervous system, especially for boosting memory and improving intellect. Shankhpushpi, also spelled as Shankhapushpi (botanically, Convolvulus Pluricaulis) is very important herb used in ayurveda due to its therapeutic benefits. It helps enhancing brain powder, improving memory and concentration and increasing ability to recall. It also calms the mind, reduces anxiety, mental stress, and depression. This herb can help to eliminate asthma, &epilepsy, insomnia, urinary disorders, hyperthyroid disease, constipation. Shankhapushpi reduces mental fatigue and also prevents ageing.It is laxative herb so helps in constipation and also maintains blood pressure and lowers down cholesterol. It’s an anti depressant, antioxidant and antacid and also helps in Arthritis and skin irritations.

One study shows shankhpushpi to have anti-ulcer effects due to augmentation of mucosal defensive factors like mucin secretion and glycoproteins. Another study showed that shankhapushpi may be helpful in improving symptoms of hyperthyroidism by reducing the activity of a liver enzyme. Shankpushpi is used traditionally to treat nervous debility, insomnia, fatigue, low energy level. The whole herb is used medicinally in the form of decoction with cumin and milk in fever, nervous debility, loss of memory.
Shankhapushpi is also used as a brain tonic. Is used as a tonic, alterative and febrifuge. It is a sovereign remedy in bowel complaints especially dysentery. The plant is reported to be a prominent memory improving drug

Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) has following healing properties.

Primary Actions

  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-depressive
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Memory enhancer
  • Concentration booster
  • Mild anticonvulsant
  • Mild anti-epileptic
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Adaptogenic

Benefits of Shankhpushpi
  • Shankhpushpi has been used in Ayurveda as a rasayan for rejuvenating nervous functions. It is considered to help promote memory and concentration. It may help relieve stress.
  • Shankhpushpi is said to act as a rejuvenator.
  • It may help control stress
  • Shankhpushpi is said to promote memory & concentration.

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