Thursday, March 9, 2017

Healthy Weight Loss and Dieting Tips

In our eat-and-run, massive-portion-sized culture, maintaining a healthy weight can be tough—and losing weight, even tougher. If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight before, you may believe that diets don’t work for you. You’re probably right: some diets don’t work at all and none of them work for everyone—our bodies all respond differently. But while there’s no easy fix to losing weight, there are plenty of steps you can take to develop a healthier relationship with food, curb emotional triggers to overeating, and achieve lasting weight-loss success. 

Reason Why Cycling Boosts Weight Loss

What we started as kids could be the biggest life changer if you pay more heed. Wheather your are looking at shedding pounds or just overall fitness, spinning those pedals provides a fad-t-scorching workout that actually fun to do. We bring you the motivation as well as the justification why you should hop on your bike and hit the road instantly after reading this article.

More ways to burn fat

In order to burn fat, you need the fatty acids to shuttle from your body’s storage into your working muscle. That is enhanced by the endurance training you do on a bicycle, as the level of fatty-acid binding proteins and fat carrying enzymes increases. The idea is to usemore oxygen to burn more fat.

Strengthens Your Body’s Biggest Muscles

In order to increase your fat-burning ability, you need to build muscle issue in your lower body. Especially in your legs and hips. Cycling does exactly that by using all the biggest muscles in your body- hamstrings, hip muscles and glutes.

Doesn’t Wear Your Joint Out

Wheather you are sweating it out at the gym or lifting heavy weights at home, you are bound to strain your joints in some way or the other. Fortunately, bicycling is a non-impact exercise, which means there’s no jarring on your joints. Even if you are over-weight, you will do good to your body by biking your way to weight loss

Trains Your Muscles To Burn More Fat
Cycling builds hundreds of thousands of capillaries in your legs, which mean  you can deliver more oxygen rich blodd to your working muscles. When the mitochondria get bigger, they use the raised influx of oxygen to burn more fat and produce more enegy.

Increase Your Daily Calorie Burn
Here is the final good news cycling also increases your daily calorie burn while you are out there working the pedals .Even at therecreational pace of 13 to 15 mph, you burn 500 to 600 calories in just one hour. If you ride just an hour every day you can burn upto 4000 calories per week. If you are not convinced here the stats -  an hour walking burns just 150 to 250 calories while jogging only burns between 350 to 450 calories.

Easy Weight Loss Tips:

Stay away from fat diets

Crash diets can be extremely harmful A diet with 30 per cent protein 60 per cent vegetables and 10 per cent carbohydrates is beneficial for reducing weight.

Avoid Snacking all the time

Eating every 2-3 hours is great when it come to losing weight. Have small portion of five to six meals
Have chicken and eggs whites

Having a protein rich diet makes you feel full for longer so have baked chicken or fish with steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner. Include egg white in your breakfast.

Chew thoroughly

Eat slowly and chew every morsel thoroughly. Eating fast and gulping down food result eating much more than our body needs.

Stop Eating before you are full

Do not overeat. Stop when you are about 70 to 80 % full.

Take a brisk – walking

Go for a 45 minutes brisk walking in the morning or evening. Start with a 30- minute walk and extend ot to 45 minutes or an hour.
Exercise daily

Don’t have time for the gym? Just do some warm-up exercise and then target your paunch- do crunches

Mind your posture

Throughout the day make sure that you pull in your stomach and keep your back straight

Take up a de-stressing activity

Stress and depression can lead to a lot of unwarranted emotional eating. So de-stress. Take up a favorite activity- do some meditation, read a book, watch some romantic comedies, play with your dog or take up a dance class.

Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep stimulates your appetite so you want more food than normal; at the same time, it stops you feeling satisfied, making you want to keep eating. Sleep deprivation can also affect your motivation, so try to get about eight hours of quality sleep at night

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