Monday, August 1, 2016

Bael patra Powder An Important Herb In Ayurveda

Belptra to be offered to Shiva, worship is not merely a means of, but it is extremely beneficial to your health.It is said that if a person prays to Lord Shiva with a clear mind and offers a Belpatra to the Shivling, the Lord blesses him/her with whatever he/she desires.Belpatra tree is useful for many Ayurvedic medicines The roots, skin, leaves, fruit, everything of the tree is used to cure various ailments. The sacred tree can cure problems like bleeding gums, dysentry, asthma, jaundice, anaemia etc. Hence, Belpatra is extremely important in Hinduism.

1 Drink a decoction of the leaves of vine fever is beneficial. If a bee, wasp or wasp bite causes a burning sensation. In such a case of bite detection relieves the Belptr juice.

2 Body heat increases or if blisters in the mouth may be due to the heat , the leaves of the vine and blisters in the mouth by chewing is beneficial are eliminated .

3 Hemorrhoids is a common disease nowadays . The disease is very difficult to bloody piles . Bell root pulp powder mix sugar candy in equal amounts to make his powder . Take this powder with cold water in the morning and evening . Take the pain more then three times a day . It immediately provides relief in piles .

4 Often in rainy winter , colds and fever are more problems . The juice mixed with honey drink Belptr rewarding. Once the fever paste the tablets are taken with jaggery making.

5 Bael has certain phenolic compounds containing anti-oxidants that help in fighting gastric ulcers. This type of ulcer is caused due to the imbalance in the acidic level in the stomach.