Thursday, May 11, 2017

Diabetes - Yoga Asanas That Can Help You Treat

Diabetes is a common disease that causes insulin to be produced in inadequate amount resulting in the fluctuation of blood sugar level. For a diabetic patient, regular exercise is a must. However, this does not mean that you need to sign up for a gym membership immediately. If you prefer exercising at home, you could also try yoga. Yoga can be described as a collection of asanas or positions that help strengthen the mind and body. 

Yoga not only nourishes the body, but also has to ability to calm your mind and reduce the ill effects of stress.

Since stress is a key factor that influences the elevation of blood sugar level, yoga helps in balancing the sugar level. Yoga also makes a person more mindful of whatever he or she might be doing. This in turn is helpful in making healthy lifestyle decisions, such as eating a balanced diet and restricting the intake of sweet foods. Along with lowering blood sugar level, yoga also helps balance cholesterol and blood pressure level and aids in healthy weight loss. A few yoga exercises every diabetic should try to include in his or her exercise routine are:

1.     Pranayama: This breathing exercise helps oxygenate blood and improves circulation. It also helps fight stress and calms the mind. 

2.     Setubandhasana: This asana helps regulate blood pressure levels and keeps the mind calm. It also aids in smooth digestion and stretches the spine and neck. Setubandhasana also helps in relieving symptoms of menopause in women. 

3.     Balasana: This asana is also popularly known as the child’s pose. It helps stretch and strengthens muscles in the hips, thighs and ankles and is a good remedy for back aches that result from prolonged periods of sitting in the same position. It also helps fight stress and reduces tiredness and fatigue. 

4.     Vajrasana: According to Ayurveda, 12 inches above the anus is a spot known as the kanda. The kanda is a point which sees over 72000 nerve converging. This yoga asana massages the kanda and relaxes the mind. It also helps improve the digestion process and thus ensures that food moves smoothly through the system. 

5.     Sarvangsana: This yoga asana is renowned for its ability to regulate the functioning of the thyroid glands. These glands are responsible for the proper functioning of the digestive, nervous and reproductive system and for regulating metabolism. When metabolism is regulated, energy does not stay stored excessively in the form of fat and hence blood sugar levels also get stabilized.

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