Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why Drinking A Glass Of Milk Everyday Is So Important

We have heard so many good things about milk in commercials. Have we ever sat and thought through the real benefits of milk? Apart from being a healthy drink and the backbone of the dairy industry, this calcium-rich drink has innumerable benefits. In this article, we will discuss some not so known pros of milk:

1.     ComplexionIf you want your complexion to lighten, instead of buying cosmetics, drinking 2 glasses of milk will fetch more benefits. Milk helps the skin to supple, glow and soft. Owing to its countless nutrients and vitamin contents, milk can be your best friend, if you are seeking a fair complexion.

2.     Strong Teeth: Being a tremendous source of Calcium, consumption of milk ensures strong teeth and help a person refrain from the decay of tooth and cavities. Care should be taken that Vitamin D is also consumed along with milk. The former helps the body to absorb calcium.

3.     Healthy Bones: Bone health and milk has a direct co-relation. It is, therefore, advised that kids consume milk to ensure proper growth. In the case of an adult, milk makes the bone strong and mitigate the risk of osteoporosis. A daily serving of one glass should do the trick for any individual.

4.     Weight LossStudies in the past have shown that women who consume milk daily can shed weight quicker compared to those who do not drink milk. A glass of milk can be drunk as a fulfilling appetizer, evening snack etc. It makes sense that milk is drunk during the night just before sleep.

5.     Stress ReductionA study conducted by the Stamford Medical School in the year 2002 revealed that a warm glass of milk can go a long way in relieving stress. Daily consumption of milk after a hard day’s work can not only relax the nerves but calms the mind as well.

6.     Energy Buster: While milk is a great health drink, one can always turn to it when the body needs an energy boost. Milk can instantly revitalize the body. It is advisable that an ice-cold glass of milk should be consumed when there is a need for instant body revitalization.

7.     Eliminator of Diseases: There have been countless studies performed over the last few decades about the health benefits of milk and its capability to fight critical diseases. For instance, milk can mitigate the risk of strokes, keep blood pressure down, reduce cholesterol production of the liver, improve the eyesight, negates the chances of many types of cancer etc.

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