Friday, June 2, 2017

Want to Burn Calories – Things You Should Consider

Most people think that there is no way to lose weight other than joining a fitness centre or following a well-regulated diet chart, but there are times when taking little steps can aid in burning off extra calories and offer more weight loss. Fortunately enough, several stealthy means can help to turn up calories burn all through the day.

1.     Rise up and sweat: If there is a lack of time to get up and hit the gym early in the morning, set the alarm at least 15 minutes early and get involved in activities that would get the metabolism stroked such as jumping jacks, crunches, squats and push-ups. This will boost the calorie burning process, and it would continue all through the day.
2.     Raise the heart beat: One should try to increase the heart rate for one minute at a time. This process could be repeated at least ten times in a day. The additional amount of oxygen will help in keeping the individual alert, activate the lungs, heart, brain and legs. The best benefit of raising the heartbeat is that it helps in burning 300 to 400 calories a day. The most viable way of increasing the heart beat is doing 10 squats or performing lunges at the end of each hour.
3.     Sit on the floor: When watching the television or playing with the pet or helping a young kid in his homework, one should try to sit on the ground instead of the sofa, chair or the bed. This is because when a person sits on the floor, the muscles are required to offer support and more energy is required for standing up.
4.     Eat with the non-dominant hand: As per the reports of the University of Southern California, eating with the non-dominant hand will aid in eating less. Even though people believe that eating is a direct result of hunger, the truth is that eating is also determined by environmental cues. Disrupting the eating patterns such as switching to chopsticks or having dinner in an unfrequented part of the house can help control intake.
5.     Pop in prune: A study conducted by a team at the University of Liverpool found that eating about 5 to 6 ounces of prunes each day for about 12 weeks can help the overweight individuals to lose about 4.4 pounds and approximately about 1 inch from the waistlines. The body can easily tolerate prunes, and it doesn’t lead to any sort of side effects. They contain high amounts of fibre and helps the individual feel fuller for longer hours.
Avoid overeating the products which are “low-fat”: This may sound absurd, but people tend to eat 50 more than required when they get hold of food that has a label saying “low fat”. This tag makes the product appear healthy and prompts the individuals to feel that they are manifesting a great feat by consuming these kinds of foods. The good rule of thumb is that one should eat the same amount of the “low fat” version of the food as he would have done with regular fat content.

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