Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bhringraaj Powder Important Benefits Of It

We think that the recent scientific discoveries have benefited our life and health to a great extent. But do we have any idea that how good our ancient Ayurveda Science is and how good it can act in solving our several health related issues?

No wonder, most of us do not know. But yes, Ayurvedic medicines are much beneficial without the side effects that most of the synthetic drugs discovered these days possess.

Bhringraaj Powder and Its Benefits

1.      Liver health: You can possess a good liver health with Bhringraaj powder as this consists of flavonoids and other chemicals like wedelolactone. Jaundice and hepatitis can be cured by consuming this powder in prescribed doses.
2.      Anti microbial properties: Bhringraaj has antimicrobial effects. It can resist almost nine bacterial strains.
3.      Tooth ache: Bhringraaj is a very good relief from a toothache. Just rub the powder on the gums and see the result in some time. The ethanolic extract and alkaloids help in this pain relief.
4.      Treats upset stomach: If you are suffering from an upset stomach, then this powder can help you. The various organic and chemical compounds present in bhringraaj help in this natural treatment.
5.      Respiratory problem treatment: If you get an infection in your respiratory tract, then consuming Bhringraaj powder can treat the infection and remove phlegm from your respiratory tract.
6.      Hair health: Bhringraaj powder is good for hair health. If you are suffering from baldness, then this powder can stimulate the hair follicles thus re-growing hair.
7.      Eye health: Some chemical compounds are formed in our body that creates cataract and other eye problems. But Bhringraaj powder has some neutralizing power, which damages the free radicals causing such ailments.
8.      Heart health: Bhringraaj powder can help in reducing cholesterol level and prevent heart ailments. Though not strongly proved, still it is thought that the diuretic effects of Bhringraaj help in this remedy.
9.      Cancer prevention: Bhringraaj powder is a fantastic solution for liver cancer. It stops cancer cells from proliferating and spreading.
10.  Treats cholera: If Bhringraaj powder is consumed three times a day for three days, then it is likely to cure cholera.
11.  Relieves body ache: Body ache is relieved if the powder is consumed according to a prescribed dose.
12.  Treats ulcer: Applying Bhringraaj powder on the ulcers can cure it magically.

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