Sunday, April 23, 2017

Summer Witness An Increase In Migraine Cases

While the mercury is showing no sign of relenting any time soon, health expert are warning citizens to try & stay indoors as much as they can between noon & 4pm. While that isn’t possible for a sizeable number of population, it is important to take adequate precaution- drinking enough water and other liquid, applying sunblock, covering your head while outdoors etc- to ensure that the heat doesn’t get to you. Some of the most common ailments are food poisoning, heat rash, heat stroke, water borne conditions and migraines.

Hot Wheather Often Triggers Migraines
Experts say that there are significant increase in migraines during summer. Hot and humid wheather is sensitive to the body and often triggers migraines. Migraines are believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and external factors. Genetic factors make one susceptible in developing this headache disorder while external factors influence it occurrence. This is also because one is stressed or skips meals and due to sleep deprivation.

Studies done on the effect of wheather changes as a trigger in migraineurs and the result reveal that patients with masticatory muscle pain and those with migraine, present typical temporal pain patterns that are influenced in a different way by wheather changes. Migraines as a headache type are characterized by recurrent attack and hypersensitive to some kind of sensory stimuli. There can be differenttypes of external and internal stimuli that lead to migraine attack. Reported migraine triggers include stress, sleep, fatigue, fasting, physical exercise, hormonal changes, wheather, sunlight,alcohol etc. 

Certain changes of specific weather parameters lead to an increase of neuronal excitability of trigreminal neurons and facilities the beginning of a migraine attack.

Taking Precautions is Important
Since bright of flashing lights can lead to migraines, one should wear sunglasses and avoid direct exposure to sun light. It is also important to have a hearty breakfast before heading out. Unfortunately, you can’t cure migraine. But herbal medicine and other ayurvedic treatments many help you feel better. Migraines are hereditary. Although the cause are not totally understood, both your environment and genetics play a role.

Lifestlyle Changes Can Help Reduce the Severity Of Migraines
The best way to take charge of the situation is to maintain a headache diary. It will help understand, which wheather changes start a migraine and takes steps to lessens the effect. Keeping a headache diary, listing each migraine, when it happen, how long it lasted and what could have caused it will help you determine if you have specific wheather triggers. Take your migraine medication at the first sign of a migraine and make it a healthy lifestyle choices- eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, drink enough water, get enough sleep and keep your stress under control. Those factors can reduce the severity of migraines.

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