Thursday, April 6, 2017

Significant Benefits of Nagarmotha Powder

Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus), a cosmopolitan weed, is found in all tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of the world. In India, it is commonly known as Nagarmotha and it belongs to the family Cyperacea . Nagarmotha/mustak is an herb that has been used widely in Ayurvedic formulations mentioned in ancient texts of Ayurveda.  Charak Samhita has indicated this herb for checking obesity, pacifying thirst, alleviating itching, and removing impurities of milk for feeding infants. Vedic literature has mentioned it a herb having hypnotizing property. It is a pestiferous perennial weed with dark green glabrous culms, arising from underground tubers. It is actually a field weed known in all the Southern States as nut grass. The plant produces rhizomes, tubers, basal bulbs and fibrous roots below ground and rosettes of leaves, scapes and umbels above ground

Benefits of Nagarmotha/mustak

Bitter, astringent and pungent in taste nagarmotha/mustak is light in its effect. Cold in its potency Nagarmotha/mustak‘s taste is pungent after digestion.  Nagarmotha/mustak pacifies fever; checks worm infestation, diarrhea, cough, insomnia, blood disorders, and erysipelas, epilepsy and skin disorders. Nagarmotha/mustak endowed with a specific smell is effective in promoting appetite. Nagarmotha/mustak  useful in skin diseases and diarrhea.  Its tuber is used s diuretic that is it promotes expulsion of urine. Nagarmotha/mustak is also used in formulations preventing liver and lung diseases. Formulations used for checking obesity contain Nagarmotha/mustak as one of their constituents. Nagarmotha is widely used in home remedies and it is also a very important ingredient in preparing the famous chyawanprash. Nagarmotha powder are sold everywhere, if you can get fresh roots you can use them too.

Researches on Nagarmotha/mustak

Nagarmotha/mustak‘s oil is useful in spasmogenic pain associate with uterus.
Nagarmotha/mustak’s have shown anti bacterial activities.
Alcoholic extracts of tubers of Nagarmotha/mustak have shown tranquilizing activities.
Roots of Nagarmotha/mustak have shown anti inflammatory effect.
In Chinese medicine Nagarmotha/mustak is used for treatment of women’s disease.
Root paste is useful in skin disease and eye diseases.
Root of Nagarmotha/mustak is useful in snake bite.
The effect of Nagarmotha/mustak has been proved in lipid disorders.
Significant weight reduction and total serum cholesterol lowering level has been achieved.
Nagarmotha/mustak has been found useful in GI disorders like amoebiasis and giardiasis.

Benefits :

1. It is considered to have good digestive & carminative properties
2.May help maintain gastrointestinal health.
3. It is considered to have anti inflammatory properties.
4. It may help maintain healthy serum cholesterol level.

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