Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Improve Your Memory And Mental Acuity

Today, memory decline and mental insufficiency has become a standard complaint with all age groups. Parents are concerned and frustrated wondering how to help their children's noticeable brain fatigue. Maintaining brainpower is largely due to quality nutrition and managing stress levels throughout ones life. Whether the effects are sudden as seen following a stroke or associated with a gradual erosion of ones mental capabilities, dietary supplementation has shown to lessen deterioration while proving extremely beneficial. A malnourished, overworked brain will eventually become fatigued and short out. Brain memory plays a vital role in maintaining our life activities. All of us will be wishing for a good brain memory. Today, there are vivid herbal remedies and supplements available in market so as to enhance your memory power.

Shankhpushpi Powder is an example of ayurvedic memory supplement which spikes your memory level. This herbal supplement is a rich composition of vacha, mulathi or licorice, brahmi and ashwagandha. Intake of this herbal medicine as per the guidance of your health practitioner promotes your brain function and helps in achieving emotional balance. Shankhapushpi Powder (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) helps to support healthy brain and mind. It helps to support  blood flow to brain & also helps in calming the mind. It helps to provide comfortable sleep. works as nervine tonic. Shankhpushpi is also considered as Medhya Rasayan as it helps to support the memory. Shankpushpi is used traditionally to treat nervous debility, insomnia, fatigue, low energy level. The whole herb is used medicinally in the form of decoction with cumin and milk in fever, nervous debility, loss of memory.

Benefits :

  • Shankhpushpi has been used in Ayurveda as a rasayan for rejuvenating nervous functions. It is considered to help promote memory and concentration. It may help relieve stress.
  • Shankhpushpi is said to act as a rejuvenator.
  • It may help control stress
  • Shankhpushpi is said to promote memory & concentration.
Home Remedies of Shankhpushpi Powder
1.     Take 2-4 gm of "Shankhpushpi Powder" with Milk. It helps to support healthy brain in children.
2.     Take 3-6 gm of "Shankhpushpi Powder" early morning with Milk. It helps to support healthy brain in adults.
3.     Take 2-4 gm of "Shankhpushpi Powder" with Honey and then take one glass of hot milk for six months. It helps in rejuvenating your body and also helpful in boosting your memory.
4.     Take 6 gm twice a day with water. It supports healthy pancreas.
5.     Make a cup of tea with one teaspoon of this herbal Powder. Drink this slowly so that you feel better and energetic with this.

In the rainy season Sankha Pushpi would be found naturally on rocky and fallow lands in India. It is expansive and is seen in grass like seedlings. In many places this is a perennial plant. The stems live many years. By the colour distinction in the flowers it can be divided into three categories. 1. White 2. Blue 3. Canscora decussate (Gentianaceac). This plantis also called as Shankhahuli. In most places doctors call this flower as Shankha Pushpi. In fact, for the medicinal purpose, one should use the white flower only.

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