Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Guduchi Benefits That Will Help Boost Health

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), also known as amrit, is one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurvedic medicines. According to myth, when the ancient gods churned the primordial ocean, an ambrosial nectar was created that would grant immortality to any who drank it. The nectar was named amrit, a Sanskrit word that means “imperishable.” Although modern science hasn’t been able to confirm its immortalizing properties, a growing number of studies support guduchi’s role as an adoptogen, a potent herb that increases the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, and illness. Guduchi is usually available in powdered form, and the standard dosage for immune enhancement is 1 teaspoon, twice daily. It can be taken on an ongoing basis if you are facing a persistent health challenge such as cancer. At the onset of a cold or flu, taking guduchi for a week may help to fight off the infection.

Guduchi also known as Giloy is a traditional medicine from India. The herb acquires its name due to its amrit, heart shaped leaves and ambrosia. Guduchi has been around for several centuries. Nevertheless, the ayurvedic medicine reached international markets only a few years ago. This attributes to its enthralling health benefits. Giloy has a positive impact on the body’s reproductive organs. It is used to treat various health conditions like tuberculosis, Jaundice and Gout. Most of its health benefits are proved by scientific evidence and intense research. It can be difficult to find Guduchi. The herbal plant is present in tropical regions. Researchers believe that dense forests in India and Southeast Asian countries have lots of Guduchi.  The plant’s stem is the part which provides the most medical benefits. Still, its starch extract and roots can be used to produce Guduchi capsules and powder.

Guduchi gives amazing relief from allergies. A relative of ours had nasal allergies and she was taking medications for it for a long time. She used to sneeze continuously and her eyes will tear and she will have itchy eyes and ears. Especially during the parthenium flowering season her allergies used to get worse. After years of  suffering and being on and off on medications, she started taking guduchi pills that are sold in the markets. Now after a long time of suffering, she doesn't get her allergic attacks anymore. She has completely stopped taking the medicines and uses only guduchi pills.

Benefits of Guduchi Powder
  • Guduchi is known as a Medhya-Rasayana, i.e. it may promote the power of the mind and rejuvenate it.
  • Guduchi may help to maintain healthy body temperature which is already in normal state,
  • Guduchi may help in building the body's own defense mechanism (immune system).
  • Supportive ingredients in formulation like sugar and bp health
  • It may help to provide resistance to body towards various air borne enviromental unhealthy air particles.
  • Guduchi helps in balancing all the three doshas(humors) as per ayurvedic theory of tridosha.
  • Guduchi Powder is very useful in the management of the problems, having Tridoshic (all the three humors) origin.
  • Guduchi Powder balances Vata dosha (air vitiation) when taken with cow ghee.
  • Guduchi Powder balances Pita dosha (fire vitiation) when taken with Gud (Jaggery).
  • Guduchi Powder balances Kapha dosha (water vitiation) when taken with honey.
  • Guduchi Powder may boost the immunity of lungs and help as expectorant.
  • Guduchi Powder may help in liver health.
  • Guduchi Powder may act as a powerful immunity booster.
  • Guduchi powder may help and acts as a tonic after fever.

Side Effects: Guduchi is very dood for diabetic patients but it is best consumed by diabetic patients under medical supervision as it might lower the blood sugar levels significantly. Pregnant and feeding mothers should avoid guduchi and for some people, it might cause mild form of constipation otherwise this herb is very safe to use.

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