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Ayurvedic Herb- Baheda Powder

Ayurvedic medicines comprises of several herbs and ingredients; baheda is one of them. It is regarded as one of the precious and the important herb in Ayurvedic culture. It is one of the three ingredients that make up the famous triphala, that itself signifies it's importance in ayurvedic medicine. It's botanical name is Terminalia Bellerica and is commonly called Belleric Myrobalan in English. Vibhitak or baheda is one of the  constituents of a popular Ayurvedic  formulations triphala.  Astringent in taste and having sweet post digestive taste baheda/vibhitak pacifies kapha and pitta. Hot in its effect, cool in its touch, baheda/vibhitak is a laxative and gives relief in cough. Though rough and dry in nature baheda/vibhitak is good for eyes and hairs. Baheda/vibhitak rectifies any deviation in speech and kills worms in the intestine

The plant of Baheda is found all over India, especially in the lower hilly areas. These are tall trees which are evergreen in nature. The Baheda fruit contains tannin, B-sitosterol, galic acid, chebulasic acid, mannitol, glucose, galactose, fructose and ramnose. A yellow colored shining oil comes from the seed’s kernel. The bark of Baheda plant contains tannin. All the herbs found in baheda are natural and produces a sedative effect on sympathetic nervous system. It is a very good natural product that helps in the treatment of mental health diseases and other psychotic problems.

Baheda is a natural ayurvedic product and all the herbs are natural and do not produce any side effects. It nourishes the body cells and increases the body’s immunity against various diseases. Baheda may be taken regularly for a prolonged period of time as it is absolutely safe. This natural and safe remedy provides life long relief from insomnia and other nervous system disorders. The herbs present in Baheda helps in rejuvenating the brain cells and increase the oxygen supply to the brain cells for optimum functioning. Baheda is a natural herbal produce for respiratory problems.

Benefits :

  • Baheda is one of the three fruits from Triphala. The fruit of Baheda is renowned for its medicinal values since ages & has been widely used to treat numerous conditions especially respiratory problems, digestive disorders etc.
  • Acts as a digestive support.
  • May help detoxify the body.
  • May support the respiratory system.
  • Cures Impotency
  • Treatment for Loss of Appetite
  • It is also beneficial in blood pressure and helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Bark of this tree is used for chest pain and heart diseases.


     Researches on Baheda

Researchers have proved that baheda exhibits bronchodilator, antispasmodic and anti histaminic properties. It also has liver protective effect in it.
It is also believed that baheda oil may become olive oil of the east and is fairly available in Indian subcontinent. The raw flesh of the fruit can also be converted into fodder. . It can be used as a vegetable oil and can be hydrogenated or used for soap preparations.


Direction for use :
Powder : Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.

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