The most beautiful and the most amazing gift of god is an eye. It not only provides vision; our most precious sense. But they also express the emotions to others like anger, love, sorrow, lust, fear, compassion, happiness. Therefore it is rightly said that eyes are windows of soul. Mandalas are 5 in number and Patalas &  Sandhis are 6 in number.

Mandala : this means sphere or oval shaped

These are 5 in number from outer most to inner most layers and are as follows:

1) Pakshma mandala- eye lashes

2) Vartma mandala-eye lids

3) Shweta mandala- the white part of an eye similar to sclera 

4) Krushna mandala-the black part of an eye similar to Iris 

5) Drushti mandala- the part of an eye which is actually responsible for vision similar to retina 

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