Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Skin Care- It’s time to think beyond Cosmetics

In Ayurveda according to Sushrutaachaarya the skin has seven layers. These layers when get affected by imbalanced doshas, give rise to different skin diseases the list of seven layers of skin and diseases which originate from them are as follows.

Avabhasini - The first and outermost, thinnest layer of skin . The root word in an Avabhaasini is Bhasin, which means to show, to reflect, and to enlighten. Thus it is the one which reflects the aura.
Lohita -This is the second in sequence and is slightly thicker than Avabhaasinee. As the name suggests it has a red hue due to the presence of various peripheral blood vessels in it. 

Conditions characterized by various colored lesions on the skin like moles, dark circles, black pigmentations occur when vitiated doshas affect this layer.

Shweta - This is third layer and is thick. Conditions like eczema, allergic rashes, psoriasis raising various flaccid hanging growths originate in this layer. 

Tamra – This is the fourth layer. Different types of skin lesions characterized by a copper colored discoloration and rich capillary network, worsening on exposure to sunlight (Kushtha, Kilaasa) originate in this layer.

Vedini- This is the true skin, which is responsible for perception of sensation. Different conditions involving loss of sensation or burning sensation like Kushtha, Visarpa etc. are related within this layer.
Rohini- it is the sixth layer of skin and actually forms a covering to many organs. The conditions occurring in this layer are much graves e.g. various kinds of tumors (mostly malignant), elephantiasis. Damage to this layer many a time require surgical intervention, some kind of Kshaara karma, Agnikarma etc. This is crucial layer and if injured seriously then it becomes difficult to cure. 

Mamsadhara - The last, thickest and innermost layer. As the name suggests it is responsible for holding / supporting the muscles. So these two meanings imply that it is mostly the covering facial /layer, which is adhering to the muscles. Diseases that originate here are fistulas, abscess, and piles. 

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