Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Celebrate Multitasker Woman's & their health

This year India celebrated its 66th republic day on 26th Jan 2015 and the entire program was telecasted on DD. Besides Barack Obama the highlight of the program was the All-women contingent of the Indian armed forces. I felt so proud to see The Army contingent being led by Captain Divya Ajith, the Navy being led by Lieutenant Commander Sandhya Chauhan and the Air Force contingent being led by Squadron Leader Sneha Shekhawat. The theme of the 66TH republic day was Women Empowerment and the courage and bravery shown by our women was on display.

After watching the program several questions flooded my mind. Imagine the amount of rigorous training that these women army officers undergo or their diet or how do they handle themselves when they get their periodic menstrual cycle.

As a woman have we ever kept a track of the number of activities we do every day??  Yes we do a lot of activities. Well, let me give an example: I am 23 years old pursuing MBA. I am an early-riser and my day starts with my daily early morning exercises and then getting ready for college. Travelling in crowded trains to get to college has become a part of my life. After college I attend karate coaching classes. I come back home eat my dinner and sit down to complete my daily assignments. My mom is a 49 year old working woman and her day starts at 5.00 am every day, which begins with exercises and then preparing tiffin for everyone. Her office hours are 9-5 which extends beyond 5 on most of the days. On her way back home she buys groceries, vegetables etc. Once home she sits down with my younger sister to help her with her homework. My granny is 75 year old and she has played a major role in bringing us up. Her days starts early morning with yoga and morning prayers and then she moves on to preparing lunch. She spends her day doing household chores and maintaining cleanliness, Oh Yes she is a cleanliness freak!!!! She recently underwent knee replacement therapy but that did not stop her from going for her daily evening walks.

It is not about me or my mom or my granny but this is generally how a day is spent by all the women out there.In the current age, due to extremely high expectations at social and personal level, a woman has to play several roles in her life.  This has created several health related issues in an  active woman. The common ones are described below. A health supplement for women should take care of most of these aspects.
Menstrual and Sexual Well being: The female body follows a cyclical pattern during active menstrual years. Menstrual well being is closely related with hormonal balance, good general  health, healthy reproductive organs and sexual well being. While reproductive and sexual  health means having more vitality in life and producing offspring which remains mentally and physically healthy.

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