Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Boon for Kidney – Punarnava

Punarnava means "One which renews the body" i.e. which brings back youth again,full of vigor and vitality. Punarnava (Boerhaavia difusa) was named in honor of Hermann Boerhaave, a famous Dutch physician of the 18th century. It is also called as Red spiderling, Spreading hogweed, Tarvine, Hogweed, Pigweed, Tambadivasu, Raktakanda, Shothagni, Varshabhu, Snathikari.Punarnava as the name suggestes.

• Brings back the life
• Known as Kidney health support
• Recommended to use as Rasayana i.e. Punarnava herb improves tissue strength
• Used to rejuvenate Uro-genital tract.
• Roots are employed for many purposes including liver, gallbladder, kidney, renal and urinary disorders.
Further, in Ayurvedic texts along with its use for Kidney & liver several other benefits are mentioned for e.g.

• It has antioxidant property, so it is recommended as natural Immunity booster
• It is believed to be useful in purifying the blood and also the gastric juices
• This herb has good aphrodisiac properties as well as energy tonic.
• Combats joint pain and oedema
• It has anti-toxicological properties
• It is diuretic and therefore considered beneficial in many heart problems.
• Supports body's natural ability to expel fluids and prevent water retention, therefore useful in weight loss.
• Good for treating respiratory problems.
• Aids in digestion process and acts as a mild laxative,

The Ayurvedic description of Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa of Family Nyctaginaceaeare: It is described as Rasa (taste) - sweet, bitter & astringent, Veerya (nature) - Hot,

Vipaka (taste developed through digestion ) - sweet, Guna (qualities) - dry, light,
Doshas (effect on humors) - reduces vitiation of Kapha, Pitta and Vata.
Its principal constituents include alkaloids (punarnavine), rotenoids (boeravinones A-
F), flavonoids, amino acids, lignans (liriodendrons), ß-sitosterols and tetracosanoic, esacosanoic, stearic and ursolic acids.

The medicinal properties of Punarnava as per ayurvedic texts are :
Asmarighna – Litholytic,
Indralupta nasaka – Mitigates Alopecia aeriata,
Sothaghna – Relieves Edema
Mutrakrcichraghna alleviates Dysuria.
Kasahara – alleviates cough,
Vayasthapana – promotes longevity and maintains youth,
Svedopaga – adjunct to sucation (sweating therapy)
Anuvasanopaga – adjunct to oleating enemas.

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